Foreign Affairs For the Month of July and August 2022


Volume 101, Number 4   


Why War Fails 10

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and the Limits

of Military Power

Lawrence Freedman

What the Mighty Miss 24

The Blind Spots of Power

Ngaire Woods

The Perils of Pessimism 34                                                        Click download

Why Anxious Nations Are Dangerous Nations

Daniel W. Drezner

The Balance of Soft Power 44

The American and Chinese Quests to Win Hearts

and Minds

Maria Repnikova

What Makes a Power Great 52

The Real Drivers of Rise and Fall

Michael J. Mazarr

What Money Can’t Buy 64

The Limits of Economic Power

Barry Eichengreen

Hierarchies of Weakness 74

The Social Divisions That Hold Countries Back

Amitav Acharya


FA.indb 1 5/27/22 12:25 AM

July/August 2022


Liana Fix and Michael

Kimmage on the war

in Ukraine.

Nina Khrushcheva on

Russia’s security state.

Yanzhong Huang on

China’s COVID-19



Can Putin Survive? 84

The Lessons of the Soviet Collapse

Vladislav Zubok

The Consequences of Conquest 97

Why Indo-Pacic Power Hinges on Taiwan

Brendan Rittenhouse Green and Caitlin Talmadge

The Hollow Order 107

Rebuilding an International System That Works

Philip Zelikow

Last Best Hope 120

The West’s Final Chance to Build a Better World Order

Ivo H. Daalder and James M. Lindsay

The New Energy Order 131

How Governments Will Transform Energy Markets

Jason Bordo and Meghan L. O’Sullivan

Nigeria’s Second Independence 145

Why the Giant of Africa Needs to Start Over

Uzodinma Iweala

The Myth of the Global 158

Why Regional Ties Win the Day

Shannon K. O’Neil

FA.indb 3 5/27/22 12:25 AM

July/August 2022

“Foreign Aairs . . . will tolerate wide dierences of opinion. Its articles will not represent any consensus of beliefs. What is demanded of them is that they shall be competent and well informed, representing

honest opinions seriously held and convincingly expressed. . . . It does not accept responsibility for the

views expressed in any article, signed or unsigned, which appear in its pages. What it does accept is the

responsibility for giving them a chance to appear there.”

Archibald Cary Coolidge, Founding Editor

Volume 1, Number 1 • September 1922

Can Brazil Turn Back the Clock? 170

Latin America’s Nostalgia Trap and the Return of Lula

Brian Winter


The Quants in the Room 182

How Much Power Do Economists Really Have?

Jason Furman

Evil Empires? 190

The Long Shadow of British Colonialism

Lauren Benton

How the System Was Rigged 197

The Global Economic Order and the Myth of Sovereignty


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